Jeff Freehof

While living in New England, Jeff worked as a master chef for many hotels and resorts, was a general manager for the Olive Garden and owned a small chain of pizza restaurants.

S3:E28 - Garlic Clove

On this episode of The Dish, we are joined by Jeff Freehof, chef and owner of Garlic Clove. We hope you have a big appetite, because he’s whipping up a savory Italian dish and topping it off with some dessert. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, it may now; how does cavetellitoscana and chocolate mousse sound? We also visit with Ashley Brown from Hometown Threads and get inside details for Ana Christina’s wedding.

S3:E27 - DiChicko’s Peri Peri

On this episode of The Dish, we dedicate our show to raising awareness of ovarian cancer, also known as the silent killer. Gail’s Anatomy founder and co-director will explain why. We also get a visit from Heather DiCicco, from DiChicko’s Peri-Peri Cafe, who guides us in making healthier choices in the kitchen.

S3:E26 - Southern Comfort Catering

On today’s episode of The Dish, for the first time ever, we feature a guest from outside of the CSRA.  So if you plan n traveling, stick around for a taste of Myrtle Beach.  Chef Tara and Adrian show us their skills with a dish you don’t want to miss - Caribbean shrimp cocktail is on today’s menu.  Also, how does exploring our own historic city sound?  Well, we get a visit from Michael Wolff, tour and events coordinator from Southstar Trolley, to share how you can do it in style.

S3:E25 - Ana Christina

On this episode of The Dish, we’ve changed things up a bit.  Ana Christina takes on the kitchen with a recipe of her own.  Well, ok, it was passed down from her dad.  We also get a visit from Steve Walpert, director of the Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre.  What?  Dinner AND a theatre?  Yep!

The Bee's Knees

S3:E24 - The Bee’s Knees

On this episode of The Dish, Chef Manny Hatzis from the Bee’s Knees stops by our studio to show us his skills in the kitchen.  You don’t want to miss this tasty classic dish, fish tacos with a twist.  We also get a visit from musical guest Crying Wolf.  Great food and great music.  What better way to spend your afternoon?

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Patty Williams and Joann Huff

Patty Williams and Joann Huff participated in Top the Tupperware on the episode of The Dish that aired on August 29, 2014. They each had 20 seconds to match the lids and bottoms.

Robert Mereday

Robert Mereday took home two tickets to the Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre for asking Ana Christina a question on the episode of The Dish that aired on August 22, 2014.

Ginger Hardy

Ginger Hardy, of Augusta, GA, won an official Dish apron for asking Chef Manny Hatzis a question on the episode of The Dish that aired on August 1, 2014.

Debbie Lavarnway

Debbie played Name That Kitchen Cool Tool where she was read fun riddles by our host Ana Christina and had to guess which tool she thought matched the riddle.

Susan Wilks

Susan Wilks was our honorary guest and took home a Dish carafe on the episode of The Dish that aired on July 4, 2014. She served in the US Military for 14 years and during Desert Storm.

Roger Garvin

Roger Garvin from Augusta, GA won The Dish apron from Hometown Threads for being the official taste tester for Kitchen 1454 on the episode of The Dish that aired on June 6, 2014.

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